Our Core Values Are;


  • Health and safety


  • Integrity and honesty


  • Quality of care and service


  • Long-term relationships


  • Positive working environment


  • Professional and responsive care staff, supervisors, and managers.

Working Together


It's easy to tell someone "No," or, "you can't do that!"


At Brighton, our words are, "Why, how, and why not?" 


The story Ross likes to tell is of a client that we serve who wants to be married and live in his own house.  However, because of the nature of his disabilities, it is very unlikely or even impossible for him to accomplish his goal. 


We don't respond with, "Well, that's never going to happen."  Instead we respond with, "How can we work towards that goal?"  "What are the steps to take to get married, and live in a house on your own?"  


We then help the client formulate a plan that may include going to dances to meet a girl, stopping by the real estate office after grocery shopping, working with a job coach to identify employable skills, enjoying the process, forming new relationships, growing and learning!


Supported Living is- the individual doing for themselves as much as possible.  It's doing as much as the disabilities will allow, and the constant improvement in the individual's abilities. 


Brighton's mission is to provide the best personalized services that further the growth and enrichment of people's lives.

In Supported Living, our clients have power, choices, and the support they need to pursue an active, productive, and enriched life.

All Brighton Staff are required to knock every time they enter a client's home.  Reminding them that they are guests in that home.


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