Brighton Diversion Services Inc also provides Community Respites Services

Upcoming Events

(MacArthrur location)

Mar 31, 2020 5-7pm -  Fun and Simple Cooking
April 07, 2020 5-7pm - Crafting Basics
April 14, 2020 5-7pm - Music and Karaoke

RSVP by calling or texting Carl at 360-609-9676

We offer classes throughout the year on a variety of topics.  Classes are from 1-3 hours long, and may include topics such as:


Life skills



Heathy relationships

Cooking skills

Arts and crafts

Individuals approved through DSHS may be eligible to attend these classes.  

Care staffing for Community Respite approved individuals is provided for. 

Contact your case manager for current calendar of classes, and for eligibility.


The rate for these classes under community respite is $18.16 per class hour.  Fees for supplies may be extra.


T: 360-574-7780

F: 360-574-7681



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