Brighton Supported Living - A company founded in family, continues that legacy.

The Kolditz Family

Brighton Enterprises Inc. was started in 1981 by Lily and Will Kolditz who really just needed to pay medical bills for their disabled daughter, 1 of 4 children.  Having grown up working in her mother's nursing home, Lily did what anyone does when they need to cover expenses.....you do what you know.


It was not long before Lily was serving four individuals with disabilities in the Kolditz home.  It soon turned into more clients that were located in homes and duplexes in the Vancouver, WA area. 


Specializing in both medically and behaviorally challenging individuals, the company continued to grow as Lily also raised their four children. Three of the children started helping out at Brighton at a very young

age. They started as janitors, file clerks, and bookkeepers.  When they were old enough to work with the clients it was a natural transition as they already knew and loved them.In 2000, Lily decided she would look to retirement, and started the process of transferring the company to her son, Ross. 


Ross began helping around the office doing filing at age 12.  At age 18, 1 week after graduation from high school, he started working direct care for Brighton.  Ross continued to work as a caregiver during school breaks while attending Brigham Young University. 


In 2000 Ross came back to Brighton full-time in preparation for Lily's retirement.  He spent 2.5 years in transition working as a home supervisor, manager, program director, assistant administrator, and administrator.  In December 2003 Ross and his wife Dixie were ready to take over and the sale of the company was complete.


From 2003 to the present, Brighton has grown as we have expanded our knowledge in the field and welcomed new clients. In 2015 Brighton opened the first Diversion Bed in Vancouver, WA. We continue a legacy of exceptional evaluations, and are now serving individuals in both Clark and Thurston counties in the great state of Washington.


Brighton is very pleased to be a family oriented business with many of their employee's work histories exceeding 10, 15, 20, 25, and even 30 years with Brighton.


"I'm so proud to be able to own a company that has been such a close part of my family.  That we not only employ people, but we've been able to employ their family and children as they have grown with us. 


I look forward to having each of my own children work as caregivers and gain the insights and compassion that can only come from serving others."  - Ross Kolditz 


A crowning event in Brighton's history occurred the day we were able to serve, as a client, Ross' sister Joie.


After thirty three plus years, Brighton still serves one of those four original clients.




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